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The London Centre for Fertility Preservation, Oncofertility and Gynaecological Surgery

  • 1 Specialized, integrated and focused care
  • 2 Evidence based approach relying on current research and up-to-date science
  • 3 Service proposed exists nowhere else in the UK or beyond
  • 4 Latest cutting edge operative and imaging techniques
  • 5 Surgery performed with an aim to treat disease & simultaneously preserve and/or restore fertility
  • 6 Focus on women between the age of 18-44 who still have fertility potential

More about Prefer

The organisation of healthcare in the UK has resulted in gynaecology and fertility becoming two distinctly separate areas of healthcare managed by different groups of doctors. Whilst this is necessary because of the specific expertise required in both areas, the management of many gynaecological problems can impact your fertility and likewise, fertility treatment can also impact your gynaecological and general health.

At PreFer Gynaecology we feel strongly that these two aspects of care should be managed simultaneously, to ensure your gynaecological problems are managed safely whilst your fertility is constantly optimised. Our goal is to offer a truly multidisciplinary approach to the management of gynaecological problems, with leading gynaecology and fertility experts offering cutting edge treatment to ensure your every need is met.

We offer an extensive range of fertility treatments and can manage all gynaecological conditions, no matter how big or small. Whilst we specialise in women of reproductive age, we can manage gynaecological complaints in women of all ages.

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