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The London Centre for Fertility Preservation, Oncofertility and Gynaecological Surgery

Gynaecological and Fertility Sparing Surgery Curing Disease and Helping to Preserve & Restore your Natural Fertility

Mission Statement

Apply a multidisciplinary one-stop clinic approach to treat gynaecological disease and in the process, ensure to spare, preserve or restore fertility using surgical and fertility techniques

Core Values



No matter how complex the pathology, diagnosis or treatment is, we always ensure to deliver care and a service to our patients, that is simple, pure and easy to follow and commit to


We always strive to offer a first-rate service, perform a job better than any of our competitors, whilst continuing to place our patients in the centre of all that we do


We promise to endeavor to always understand our clients’ needs and wishes better than any other gynaecological unit and therefore provide them with the care that they want


The idea is to nurture the group's people as much as it is to praise and encourage participation in gynaecological activities


Excellence can only be achieved if distractions are kept to a minimum and the team’s vision of placing our core values at No.1, is strictly adhered to by the founding members, with no compromise at any level.

Why Choose Us?

Your gynaecological health and fertility are both vitally important and we fully understand that at PreFer Gynaecology. Choosing the right clinic can be a very difficult decision. At PreFer Gynaecology we offer a unique service specifically tailored to gynaecological and fertility needs:

  • A Multi-Disciplinary Team in a One-Stop Clinic

    Instead of seeing a gynaecologist and being referred to a fertility specialist in a different clinic or hospital, at PreFer Gynaecology you will be seen by both a fertility expert and a gynaecologist, not only in the same clinic, but at the same time!


    This multi-disciplinary approach enables us to tailor a personalised management plan to both your gynaecological and fertility needs in a timely and efficient manner. You will also have blood tests, and an ultrasound performed at the same time, which gives us all the information needed to manage you there and then. Not only does our ‘one-stop clinic’ environment streamline your care and prevent treatment delays, but it allows us to seamlessly fit into your busy schedule.

  • Experience

    Our team consists of renowned fertility experts, and leading gynaecologists with extensive experience, particularly in fertility preservation. Our team are all trained to the highest possible standards and have extensive experience in managing all gynaecological complaints and fertility issues.


    The driving force behind the clinic, Mr J Richard Smith, is considered one of the foremost fertility preserving gynaecology surgeons in the UK. He pioneered a fertility preserving treatment for cervical cancer and placental site trophoblastic cancer (abdominal radical trachelectomy and modified Strassman procedure), that is now performed globally and has allowed many young women to go on to have babies after treatment for cancer. The concept of preserving, and optimising, your fertility wherever possible and especially during surgery is our principle philosophy at PreFer Gynaecology.

  • Access

    We offer clinic appointments 6 days a week, including Saturdays, to offer you the flexibility needed to fit in conveniently with your lifestyle. We also offer a service allowing you to contact a doctor at any point by email or telephone with any queries or concerns. This has streamlined patient-doctor communication and enhanced patient experience.

  • Cutting edge treatment

    Our team at PreFer Gynaecology are all actively involved in research. This is essential  to continue to push clinical boundaries and evolutionise the way healthcare is currently given. The team have been involved in various projects investigating infertility, pioneering fertility preservation strategies and looking at ways to restore fertility including the first trial in uterine transplantation in the UK.


    Being at the forefront of research allows us to offer you, our patients, the most up to date treatment strategies and advice.

  • Location

    PreFer Gynaecology is based on Harley Street, the centre of private medical excellence in the UK. Our charming Edwardian building evokes the perfect atmosphere to help you feel at ease, and the excellent transport links make us readily accessible.

  • Value

    Whilst our fees are not the cheapest, they are reflective of the unique opportunity to consult both a fertility specialist and an expert gynaecologist at the same time. The alternative of seeing both specialists separately is not only more costly, but there is often a time delay between seeing each specialist, which means you need to find the time for multiple appointments.


    At PreFer Gynaecology, our combined consultations allow us to create carefully crafted management plans, tailored individually to meet your needs. This saves you time, reduces stress and offers you a truly unique and efficient service. Our packages, including an ultrasound assessment by an expert, as well as a number of alternative therapies, also make excellent value for money when considering the level of care and expertise you are receiving.

  • Cancer: Pathway to Healing

    “Above all, what matters is not to lose the joy of living for the fear of dying”


    Communicating with patients is a skill that doctors have traditionally found very challenging, both at junior and consultant level. This particular challenge grows in terms of scale when the added element of a life-threatening diagnosis is discussed. Contrary to what many people believe, the worst part of a cancer journey is not the day a patient is told he or she has cancer or even the period when they undergo treatment. The hardest period is often when the treatment has finished and they are told to go and live life almost as if nothing has happened. Patients, like everyone else, tend to either have a ‘cup half-full’ optimistic attitude to life, or the opposite, ‘cup half-empty’ approach. Generally speaking, the former tend to live well with their diagnosis, fighting it head on, whereas the latter spend the time following their treatment frightened of possible recurrence. The real challenge for doctors and oncologists in particular is how to reach out to this latter group and by doing so, alter their viewpoint of their cancer diagnosis and lifestyle in general.


    Nowadays, many cancers have excellent prognoses. Such favourable outcomes contrast greatly with the situation 20 years ago and therefore, the ability of a patient to live positively with their diagnosis has become much more important. It is our duty as doctors to try to make such a scenario a reality, by exploring with them the mechanisms that they can use to cope better with their disease.


    The gynaecological surgeons at PreFer are all cancer surgeons and therefore deal daily with gynaecological cancers. Not only do they carry the expertise to manage such a diagnosis but they also know how to deal with the emotional burden a patient may carry of being diagnosed with cancer. In particular if the diagnosis is in a young woman who desires to start a family. We strongly believe that the patient and the doctor are on the same team and are working towards the same commonly understood and shared goal: quantity of life, but only if accompanied by quality.

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